School of Qigong Tuina and Body Wisdom
Chinese energetics applied to Touch and Mouvement


Kendreka has at heart to share to the world the Qigong Tuina of Bai family lineage, and more widely, on how to apply chinese energetics to touch and movement.

After more than 20 years of practice, we are one of the few schools to offer complete training courses over 1 to 6 years focused exclusively on how to apply Chinese medicine to touch (Fundamental Massage, Acupressure, Qigong Tuina) and movement (Qigong, Yin Yoga, Systema).

Beyond the professional mastery of these practices, we wish to teach people able to share this philosophy with their whole depth.

Following the lineage of the 8 generations that forms our heritage, our pedagogy is strongly oriented towards experience and practice. Thus, Kendreka is also a place for moments of life and sharing to our students, in the heart of the Prealpes d’Azur natural parc, and only a few minutes away from the French Riviera coastline (Cannes, Antibes, Nice).

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Amaël Ferrando (Bai Yiyuan 白一元) is heir of the Qigong Tuina tradition of the Bai lineage and founder of Kendreka. Practitioner and trainer since 2004, he teaches this traditional health approach with the main goal of training practitioners able to convey this philosphy  in all its dimensions.

After he meets Professor Bai Yunqiao (Beijing), Amaël immerses himself into learning chinese and studying classic chinese textes, in search of the original meaning of this medicine.

For nine years, he shares his time between his students and his patients in Europe, and a intensive training in China, where, for several months a year, he deeply studies the Bai lineage’s specific treatment and its philosophical approach alongside Bai Yunqiao who represents the 7th generation of his lineage.

Amael Ferrando, founder of Kendreka, school of qigong tuina and chinese medecine

Little by little, Amaël blends into this tradition and is included into the family of his teacher. Accepted as a disciple, then as a successor, he takes part in Professor Bai’s research on Qigong Tuina, and becomes in charge of transmitting the teaching of the Bai lineage to the West. It is to widely spread this knowledge that he creates Kendreka, School of Qigong Tuina and Body Wisdom.

Amaël is also the author of a series of reference books on chinese philosophy and energetics, published by Chariot d’Or and Edoya Editions.



Since 2004, we have trained a large number of practitioners in France but also in Europe and elsewhere in the world. Do not hesitate to consult our directory of former students to find a practitioner near you !


There is currently no course or training offered in English.

Do not hesitate to contact us ( if you want to organise a training in your region on in your language.


Courses and training currently offered in French at Kendreka (St Vallier de Thiey – 06, France) :


Certifying trainings :

Formation Acupression (MTC) présentiel - Médecine Chinoise

Acupressure training

Formation d'1an en Acupression en ligne (MTC) - Formation Médecine Chinoise à Kendreka

Acupressure training online

Formation massage fondamental

Fundamental Massage Training

séances de qigong tuina proche de grasse, st vallier de thiey

Qigong TUINA Training

Courses :


salle de pratique medecine chinoise kendreka

You would like to organize your training in an inspiring setting, in the heart of nature but easy to access ?

Our premises can be put at your disposal, provided that your activity is in phase with Kendreka’s raison d’être and state of mind. Do not hesitate to contact us by email (, providing us with as much information as possible about your training or event project.

We are ideally located in the middle of nature, yet close to the French Riviera coastline, about 15 minutes from Grasse, 35 minutes from the beaches of Cannes and Antibes, and 40 minutes from Nice Côte d’Azur airport.

meditation at kendreka, school of qigong tuina and body wisdom
Rent a practice space (yoga, qigong, energetics, acupressure, tai chi, shiatsu.... in the south of france - french alps - french riviera

Located in the heart of the natural parc of the Préalpes d’Azur, it is a privileged site in line with the values of our teachings, and fully contributing to the quality of the learning time.

Kendreka is a 8000 m2 parc bordered by hundred years old cedars, with 450 m2 of premises exclusively dedicated to our practices: a large training room, an outdoor space ideal for body practices, a consultation room, a fully equipped kitchen and shared rooms where you can stay during your training.

It is also a place of life and sharing for our learners. If you and your students wish to stay on site, you can take full advantage of the place: exchange sessions in the evening, enjoy the parc for your meditations and body practices.

salle de pratique medecine chinoise kendreka

We can also recommend walks, hikes or swimming in the nearby river – you can walk from the school to explore the surrounding mountains. During your stay, you can also receive sessions with the on-site team (Fundamental Massage, Acupressure…), or participate in the various courses and events (Yini Yoga, Systema, Qigong, Sound Meditation, etc.) that are part of the school’s life.

discover french riviera and its nature during your course on chinese medecine
come and get a massage during your course on chinese medecine at Kendreka

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8, chemin du Puas,
06460 Saint Vallier de Thiey

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Phone : +33 (0)6 27 09 63 98


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EDOYA is the publishing house co-created by Amaël Ferrando and Audrey Berger, with the aim of stimulating, formalizing and disseminating the research and experimentation carried out within Kendreka.

The published works are proper tool-books whose vocation is to extend and deepen the learning received at the school. These books should also allow each reader to move towards autonomy and capacity for action in his or her relationship with his or her own body, health, mind and nature.

In this way, we hope to contribute to the promotion of a certain approach to knowledge: the one which emanates from the body and from the contemplation of nature, and of which the Ancients have left precious traces in the ancient traditions.